We love all our customers and know it has been a tough last few weeks. If you have been contemplating on a custom Mac, now is the time.

$50.00 off any MacBook Air, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina or iMac.

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We have been selling Apple products for over 15 years. We started as resellers and realized customers wanted much more than a recycled unit.

Here is why we recommend buying a custom built unit and staying far away from a recycled unit from a reseller.

Our custom built units start with a complete teardown of the unit. After cleaning and inspecting the unit, we are able to determine if the unit will pass inspection. Dirt and debris that accumulates inside units is the fastest way to reduce the life of it. After reassembling the unit, we customize the unit as per order requirements. Following a successful build, we test the units with diagnostic testing to ensure 100% functionality. The end result is a unit that has been built by a trained technician, cleaned and reassembled to maximize its performance and delivered exactly how you want it. This is how we are able to offer different customizations that were not offered by Apple. You can be sure the performance is directly related to the history and condition of the unit.

Detailing the process above is why we do not recommend buying units from resellers. Resellers will offer trade in prices and merely flip the unit for a profit. This means units that are repaired poorly, liquid damaged, dusty and dirty are all sold without knowing the actual condition. Sometimes batteries will be bad, sometimes keyboards will fail, other times, the lack of maintenance will simply cause the unit to overheat and die. Ensuring a trained technician inspects and tests your unit is the most important advice we can offer to you, if you are in the market to buy a Mac. As powerful as Macs can be, without care, they can become an expensive paperweight.

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